An Energetic and Ambitious Team

We have our technicians & designers to be upgraded, have our sales team to know the need of the makrket,by attending industrial exhibitions & siminar at home and abroad.We visit our clients all over the world to offer face to face consultancy service.We visit our materials supplier every year to bring the newest to enchance our products and service.

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Over 18 years of experience in the US market.
Highly motivated, goal oriented
ambitious and out going sales professional.
High standards in customer service and communication

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R&D Manager

Over 25 years of experience in this industry.
Recoginized specialist in local door R&D field.
Good at innovation, Continuous pursuit of excellence.
A pioneer of green materials, committed to bringing energy efficient products.

Production Manager

Over 20 years of experience in door prodution management.
Prudent and steady in management.
Always put quality first,building high quality and durable products